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Over a Million Views in 2012

12 months ago, I wouldn’t have listed “video production” as a skill of mine. It was barely a hobby — just something I did when I wasn’t busy working.

But as of today, the videos I’ve made for Slacktory have accrued over 1,136,000 views (or .001% of the current Gangnam Style view count, if you want to be a jerk about it).

Here’s hoping I can surprise myself again in 2013…

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Can We Talk About Lawyer Mike?

Can We Talk About Lawyer Mike?

Hardwick hasn’t noticed him. Neither has Daniel Tosh. He hasn’t been on the Daily What or Best Week Ever.

They’ve all missed the boat on Lawyer Mike, the Knoxville-based personal injury attorney… and rapper… [READ THE REST]

Written for Slacktory.

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