Alex Moschina is a copywriter and9f286bbbc65477f3935135b14d790375
creative professional based in Baltimore, MD.

His day-to-day consists of developing promotional material for digital and print advertising campaigns (samples here).

He has also written editorial content for the investing websites Wall Street Daily and Investment U (many of these articles are syndicated here on Seeking Alpha).

As a freelancer, Alex produces original articles, videos and “supercuts” for the web. In 2012, these projects garnered over a million views.

The following media outlets have featured his works:

• The A.V. Club
• The Atlantic
• BuzzFeed
• College Humor
• The Daily Dot
• Fandrop
• Gizmodo
• The Huffington Post
• Jezebel
• Slacktory
• Thought Catalog
• Uproxx
• Vulture

If you’re interested in hiring Alex for a project, please email him at alex (dot) moschina @ gmail (dot) com.

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