Every Phone Interview I’ve Ever Had

Every Phone Interview I’ve Ever Had

Hi, Mr. Moss-China? Moss-sheena? Am I saying that right? Ohhh, okay. Well, my name is Janet and I’m a recruiter at [company]. I’m so glad you could take some time to speak with me today. Oh, you’re glad too? Good, that’s good. Anyway, big thanks for going through our rigorous online application process. You’re probably wondering why we asked you to upload your resume on our site, then made you re-type all of its contents into an 11-part form. That just makes it easier on our end to quantify candidates’ professional backgrounds. We then sort that data and call the applicants who wind up at the top of our spreadsheet. So lucky you, right? Hey, that reminds me; do you have experience with Excel… [READ THE REST]

Written for Thought Catalog.